Boreal Standard Compound Microscopes

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Education / lab tech / New York
Yes, I recommend
Our school district purchased several class sets of these microscopes over the past 5 years - they have a lifetime warranty! Wards has awesome customer service and provides a Microscope Cleaning & Troubleshooting guide for adjustments along with help over the phone for any questions or assisting with any problem that might come up. We are very happy with these microscopes and would recommend them - they stand up well to the 'abuse' of normal high school use.
Reply associate Published 05/01/2023
Thank you for sharing! We're so happy to hear about your positive experience with us at Ward's Science. We value your feedback and appreciate you sharing!
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Fairbanks, Alas
Yes, I recommend
Amazing! - Okay so I use this exact microscope in my Grade 8 science class, and I love it! it gives a crisp clear focus and everything always works. I recommend this to everyone since I AM THE best science teacher eva ;)
Reply associate Published 03/09/2023
Thank you,!
MSH008 5584135 SFC-111LD 5745000 5745200 SFC-111LED 5584123
470145-716EA 546.1 CAD
470145-716 470177-090 470177-148 470145-560 470135-366 470145-714 470014-588
Boreal Standard Compound Microscopes
Boreal standard microscopes feature metal construction, a rugged student-proof design, and precision optics, making them a favorite among educators.

  • Coated-glass optics
  • Wide-field eyepiece with pointer
  • Lifetime warranty
This Boreal microscope's coated glass optics are parfocal and parcentered for a crisp, consistent field of view. Strategically located controls, a brass-on-steel focus guide, course and fine focus, a 360° rotatable head for viewing from any angle, a graduated mechanical stage, and an eyepiece pointer are all standard. Made of sturdy metal, it's designed to withstand years of wear and tear.

A reinforced joint between the head and eye tube prevents stripping, and a recessed eyepiece set screw prevents tampering. A slip clutch protects gears, and an adjustable, recessed stage stop protects optics and slides. Microscopes are 14¹/₂" tall.

Ordering information: This microscope includes a manual, a dust cover, and a manufacturer's warranty.