Watershed to Bay: A Raindrop Journey Lab Activity

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Watershed to Bay: A Raindrop Journey Lab Activity
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Follow a Drop of Rain from Cloud to Ocean

  • Covers the behavior of surface and groundwater
  • Addresses differences between fresh and salt water
  • Includes two instruction and experiment manuals
The water on our planet never disappears; it just travels through the water cycle in different forms. With this lab activity, students learn what a watershed is, and study how water travels on and below the surface of the Earth on its way to the ocean. The kit includes models and suggested activities covering the behavior of groundwater, including the effects of pollutants; water tables and their relationship to ponds and wells; and the formation of separate layers of fresh and saltwater in salt marshes. It comes with a groundwater model, saltwater wedge model, gravel, sand, and modeling materials for five setups, as well as two publications — “The Raindrop Journey” and “Over the Wedge”, featuring 190 pages of activity ideas, support materials, and curriculum aids.